Saturday, March 31, 2018

What are we looking for?

"work associated with the unspoken realities of life."

What does that mean?

Everyday life involves events that are never addressed, not once spoken of to friends, family, spouses. Those events taint the soil of our soul, yet we never speak of them. Maybe out of shame or regret. Maybe it's rage or just pure survival that keeps the words locked away. We hear about it. We see it. We endure it. But for some reason...we've never told.

Teacher, taunted by the student body for being gay, commits suicide.
High school country boys, slapping girls asses as they walk by.
The nice neighbor, wound up in jail for beating his wife to death.
Uncle Joe, the cross-burning racist who goes to monthly "meetings".
Handsome youth minister, whose son smokes pot and bullies all the fat kids.
Small town mayor, hand-shaker, everyone's friend, goes home and molests his little girl.

It is there and it has always been there. Women lowered their voices and whispered such things because they were evil. They were monstrous.

THAT is what goes in Minnie's Diary. All of the things that actually happen in our world, but are never discussed and rarely discovered until it's too late.

Put YOUR entry in Minnie's Diary.

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