Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Our Second Guest Judge...

     Again, because we are demanding quality for our publication, we must bring in individuals with education, talent and drive the likes of which most of us only dream.

     Dr. Downes had to be one of the judges, and we all held our breath until he agreed. We are beyond proud to have him as a guest judge. His life speaks to Minnie's Diary:
    Dr. Brent T Downes is a multiple award-winning community development facilitator, educator, and author. Proudly born and raised in Brisbane, QLD Australia he has over ten years of experience working with disadvantaged, marginalized, oppressed and vulnerable groups.

     He has extensive experience and passion for connecting all forms of art and creative expression to social change and is profoundly interested in the possibilities that storytelling, theatre, and other art-forms offer to heal, reconcile and transform individuals, communities and societies.

    He has multiple publishing credits across various mediums and is an award-winning vocational and higher-education educator. He currently lives in Kathmandu, Nepal where he is engaged in humanitarian aid, capacity and community development.

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