Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Judging is underway

     Minnie's Diary is no longer accepting submissions for its inaugural issue. It would be impossible to nail down Minnie's Diary's writers/readership to one country. Entries have come from Spain, North Korea, UK, Egypt and the Philippines. We had pieces submitted from all over the United States...Pennsylvania, California, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado and the list could go on. Minnie would, no doubt, be shocked.

     Dr. Nalley and Dr. Downes will be reading your submissions over the next few weeks. As they work their way through poems, short stories and essays, we will be sending out notifications and feedback. 

     We will do our best to get this anthology out well before Christmas. What better gift to give our contributors than the opportunity to share their work with friends and loved ones for the holidays?

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