Monday, June 11, 2018

Selected works for Minnie's Diary-Issue I

     A huge congratulation's to everyone who was selected by the judges. The work is stunning and we are thrilled to have you all be part of the inaugural issue. We have refrained from listing the names of writers, as we have only just sent out notifications. The names of the pieces are no particular order. Also, the pieces selected to be nominated for a Pushcart have also been indicated.

"Where you end and Where I begin"
"Blender" & "Place of Flat Water" (Pushcart)
"Dear John" & "In the Hospital"
"The Bully" & "Gareth"
"Not your Slave Master"
"Watch your Back"
"Understanding Intimacy"
"How the Story Goes", "Drowning Double" & 
"Naming Mother Bi-Polar" (Pushcart)
"A History of Deaths"
"Tinnitus" & "Marriage"
"Even a Little"
"The Market Rules Us All"
"Havana Soil", "Under the Sun" & "Little People" (Pushcart)
"A Fashion Statement" & "The Granny Gene"
"Too Early Transition"
"Drowned Relief"
"Slices of Secrets"
"I Went to the City Today"
"Nobody Knows Anyone" & "Slammed Doors"
"My Father Taught Me Three Rules To Live By", 
"My Father Speaks After Too Much To Drink or Tuesday" 
& "The Knowledge of a Rainbow" (Pushcart)
"Phantom Limbs", "Second Selves" & 
"Prescription" (Pushcart)
"The Burning Question"
"Watching, to know Love" & "The Cutting"
"The Cult Follower" (Pushcart)


  1. Wondering how Minnie's Diary Issue One is coming along. Looking forward to the news. Thanks!

    1. Deb, we have just send the bulk order to the printer. We should be mailing out copies the first week of October, right on schedule. Getting ready to post the news now.